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Snackattack8 Sweeps the Competition!

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Snackattack8 Sweeps the Competition! Empty Snackattack8 Sweeps the Competition!

Post by Snackattack8 on Tue Jul 29, 2014 11:31 pm

Hey, I'm Snackattack8! Most people around these parts call me Snack, but you can also call me Eric if you so fancy. I make Let's Play videos, stream frequently, and tweet whatever stupid thoughts float through my usually empty void of a mind. If this forum does expand somewhere beyond our weird friend group, feel free to look me up! If not, lol at me for TriHard-ing.

Maybe not the weekly 3-5 hour Smash Hype podcast that Tarran was pushing for, but this is a cool idea! I'm excited to have a place to discuss Smash more in-depth/without bothering anyone in the Skype group who doesn't care about what we have to say. I dig it, sweeties.  Wink

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Snackattack8 Sweeps the Competition! Empty Re: Snackattack8 Sweeps the Competition!

Post by SlimKirby on Wed Jul 30, 2014 1:42 am

Oh no, it's this jerk.....I mean...no, you are a jerk, Snackurai! But since I am doing it for everyone else, here is your complimentary music track for joining Puddle Plains HD!


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